Application server TongWeb
Product features

Independent, standard and secure Java EE application server

  • Security

    TongWeb Provides comprehensive security mechanism, implements container based security policy, and provides dynamic and extensible security architecture.

    Fully support the National Commercial Cryptographies, including SM2, SM3, SM4, etc.

  • Compatibility

    Compatible with common application environment, supports mainstream database, operating system, security innovation database and operating system.

    Its security architecture provides fault tolerance for various Chinese coding problems and is compatible with multiple open source frameworks. 

  • Mature and stable

    TongWeb supports a series of extended features for domestic applications, and it has been successfully applied in nearly 10000 government and enterprise such as Fujian Mobile, Huaxia Bank and the general office of the State Council.

    The Long term service in large-scale core business systems of domestic finance, telecommunications, governments, has fully verified the maturity and stability of the product.

  • Meets the standard specification

    TongWeb has passed the technical standard certification of JavaEE5, JavaEE6 and JavaEE7.

    It can also fully meet the technical requirements of domestic mainstream applications, completely equal to  foreign products in the aspect of standard support.

Product functions

Passed JavaEE specification compatibility certification, rich value-added features

Function 1

Provides fault tolerance for various Chinese coding problem, multi framework compatibility, dynamic loading, diversified configuration management, system running status analysis, cluster management and control, application performance monitoring and other capabilities, with simple and easy operation. 

Function 2

Provides the basic framework for application running, including but not limited to container, thread, log, interface, security, monitoring, interface, configuration parameters, optimization and other functions. 

Product architecture

TongWeb is a standard, safe, highly available and rich functional enterprise-level application server. It provides key support for enterprise application, such as convenient development, flexible deployment on demand, runtime monitoring, efficient and easy management and so on.



TongWeb application server provides a variety of containers and functional components, including Web container, EJB container, RMI service container, Web service platform, JCA service, database connection pool, transaction control component, etc., and supports various mature development frameworks to help enterprises quickly build various business application processing systems and basic application platform for informatization construction.

Tongweb has very high availability and stability. It can realize load balancing and backup by using cluster function to enhance the robustness and stability of application. At the same time, the dynamic management of cluster deployment can be realized through the dynamic expansion function. The cluster function of TongWeb provides cluster deployment configuration and fault handover across multiple platform servers, so as to quickly adapt to the existing software and hardware environment of enterprises and ensure the efficient availability of key applications and services.

TongWeb also provides a variety of ways to improve the security of enterprise applications, so as to limit access to applications, protect the security of enterprise data, and prevent malicious attacks. Through the monitoring and management tools provided by TongWeb, the running status of the service is tracked and monitored in real time, and log management functions are provided for users to audit.

Customer case

Domestic application server with stable operation for 18 years, installed in whole industry

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