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Electronic commercial bill system


Electronic commercial bill system

June 27, 2019

Electronic commercial bill system mainly includes eight business such as bill information registration, storage and forwarding the information of commercial bills; its functions mainly include identity authentication management, data information exchange, etc.; As to the customers, in addition to commercial banks, there are financial companies, Non-bank financial institutions such as trust companies.

In this system, the front-end system of commercial banks and financial companies is the end node of the electronic commercial bill system, which is responsible for the initiation and reception of the electronic commercial bill of exchange business of commercial banks/financial companies, and the corresponding operation management. It is an important component of the electronic commercial bill system, also provides connections to the internal systems of commercial banks or financial companies. On the front-end system, the J2EE application server is used as the operating platform of the front-end system to complete data transmission and reception, recording, conversion and processing between the access of company's internal system and the People's Bank system.  As a mature J2EE application server software, TongWeb has excellent performance in key systems in various industries. It has been tested to meet the comprehensive requirements of this project for software performance and reliability.

The system connection architecture is as follows:



The establishment of Electronic commercial bill system will reduce the risks and costs of bill business, promote the formation of a unified bill market across the country, enrich payment and settlement tools, and facilitate the financing of SMEs.

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