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Fujian Mobile BOSS system


Fujian Mobile BOSS system

June 27, 2019

China Mobile's Fujian BOSS system is one of the few ultra-large core business systems based on J2EE architecture in China. The system's operating status directly affect the business development of mobile users in Fujian.

The system is a market-oriented and business-oriented back-office support network built in a centralized manner in the province, including billing, settlement, business, accounting, customer service and other related systems. The overall requirement is to build a centralized and comprehensive platform of the whole province that provides socialization, information technology and personalization as important features, satisfies business development and real-time processing.



The entire system uses TongWeb as a supporting platform to realize real-time collection of mobile business data, real-time billing, real-time accounting, real-time accounting, and settlement statistics.

The system was put into operation in August 2004. So far, there have been no system failures due to middleware problems, and users have responded well. 

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