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The anti counterfeit currency system is used for the people's Bank of China to receive the counterfeit currency reported by commercial banks, managing all counterfeit and sample coins collected to the people's Bank of China, and providing the management of custody, statistical querying of counterfeit currency data, and realizing the communication between business personnel of the people's Bank of China, completing the receiving, comparison, identification, statistical analysis and other business processes of counterfeit currency.

The middleware deployment in the system is as follows:



In this system, the data transmission between the people's Bank of China and the commercial bank is realized through the TongLINK/Q. Based on TongLINK/Q, the security, reliability and efficiency of data transmission in the process of submitting counterfeit currency are realized; the differences between heterogeneous software and hardware systems are shielded, unified data services are provided and the information interaction between the people's Bank of China and commercial banks is strongly supported.

Since January 2010, commercial banks have successively carried out the construction process of anti-counterfeit currency system, realizing the timely reporting of anti-counterfeit currency system's operation status to the people's Bank of China. At present, the system has been connected to hundreds of commercial banks. The establishment and operation of the system has made positive contributions to stabilizing the normal economic and social order and minimizing the negative impact of counterfeit currency.

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