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After years of great development of highway construction, China's highway mileage has ranked first in the world. With the formation of provincial highway network, the construction requirements of monitoring, tolling and communication are not limited to the scope of one road, but from the whole province.

Through the construction and implementation of the highway networked tolling system, the cross regional travel will no longer be charged by section, but only need to settle the total toll when the citizens leave the last toll station. When citizens travel through the expressway, they will no longer be troubled by frequent access to the expressway toll station. The system can truly realize the concept of unblocked highway.

Data transmission is an indispensable key part of the realization of highway networked tolling system, and it is the link to ensure the reliable data transmission between provincial toll center, regional toll sub center, road toll sub center and toll station. In the highway networked tolling system, TongLINK/Q is used to build a data transmission platform to ensure the reliability, efficiency and stability during toll data transmission in the expressway network. 



The data transmission platform built by TongLINK/Q ensures the reliability of data transmission. At the same time, the corresponding installation packages are provided for various operating systems to ensure the diversity of heterogeneous platforms. Secondly, it provides a unified monitoring and management console for the whole network to ensure the unified monitoring and management of multiple nodes in the whole network.

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