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Based on the centralized planning, Huaxia bank takes "integrate scientific and technological resources, improve the comprehensive competitiveness" as its overall goal and starts the construction of a new generation of core business system. 

In the business system of banks, transaction is always the most important form of business processing, so transaction middleware will exist as the core of the underlying technology architecture. Huaxia bank has chosen TongEASY to build its new generation of core business system after considerations of many espects.

As the first domestic transaction middleware product, TongEASY has fully reached the international advanced level and filled the gap in the middleware field of China's software industry. It has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2003, and has been recommended as "China's excellent software product" by China Software Industry Association for many years. It is the most widely used transaction middleware in China.

The architecture of the integrated business system of Huaxia Bank Based on TongEASY is as follows:



TongEASY's Client is deployed on the front-end business computers of each municipal branch, and the Server is deployed on the application server of the national data center. There is only name service on the server of Provincial Center, and business processing is on the application server of national data center.

In this system, through the name service function provided by TongEAST, the load sharing among multiple business hosts in the national data center is realized: the front-end counter sends a request to the local name service center, and the name service center forwards it to the corresponding back-end service hosts according to the transaction data information, such as savings center host, accounting center host, intermediate business host, etc. When the system needs to be expanded, such as adding a new background business processing host, it is convenient to just allocate the part of business and load it to the new business host by modifying the name service configuration on the name server.

TongEASY provides the following core supporting functions for the stable operation of integrated business system:

Ensures the integrity and consistency during transaction processing

Supports Massive concurrent access

Provides flexible and easy to use development architecture

Ensures efficient throughput of transaction messages

Realizes the overall robustness of the system

Realizes cluster and load balance

Provides good business scalability

TongEASY ensures the successful construction and launch of Huaxia Bank's integrated business system with perfect functional support and efficient performance guarantee, which provides a good foundation for Huaxia Bank to continuously improve its business level and comprehensive competitiveness.

Up to now, TongEASY has effectively supported the integrated business system of Huaxia Bank for more than 15 years.

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