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The BOSS customer service system of China Mobile Group Fujian Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fujian Mobile) is a system transformation project under the guidance of "BOSS system technical specification" of China Mobile Group and combined with the actual situation of Fujian Mobile. It involves a wide range of areas and has high technical requirements.

The middleware deployment diagram of Fujian Mobile BOSS customer service system:


Based on this distributed server cluster system, billing, accounting, business, customer service, OA and CRM systems are developed according to the "three-layer Client / server" structure. These system services are uniformly managed by TongEASY, which are shared by all telecommunication terminals, banks and Internet customer service. TongEASY system also provides high security mechanism, user authentication and access authorization control of different clients.

In such a core system with wide coverage and massive business centralized processing, the mature TongEASY middleware is adopted. Compared with the old system before transformation, the new BOSS customer service system takes "three-layer Client / server" as the basic framework structure, and realizes high performance, high reliability, high security and high scalability on the basis of unified platform construction advantages.

Since the beginning of operation, it has brought obvious economic benefits to Fujian Mobile Company, and the production efficiency of the company has proved greatly. The completion of the new system has undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for Fujian Mobile to meet the challenges in the future.

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