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Intensive government portal website of Hengyang municipal government


In order to promote the healthy and standardized development of government websites, the general office of the State Council has issued a number of policy documents in recent years, clearly proposing to promote the intensive construction of government websites. According to the national policies, Hengyang City started the intensive construction task in 2015, and by 2017, the intensive platform of the municipal government website was fully completed. Through unified deployment, standards and platform, the service capacity and centralized management level of the municipal government website were significantly improved, and the supporting role of the economic and social development was significantly enhanced.

In the process of system construction, the following requirements are involved:

Ensure the overall reliability of the system

After the construction of the system, it needs to be able to provide stable services to ensure that users can  access the network continually and reduce the impact on users when the system is abnormal or during maintenance.

Improve the overall performance of the system

In order to make rational use of the server resources and improve the overall processing efficiency of the system, the load balancing equipment should be able to reasonably distribute the load to each server according to the running status of the server and the utilization degree of resources, so as to achieve the best overall operation efficiency of the system.

Improve the overall expansibility of the system

With the system construction and business expansion, the system should be able to quickly and conveniently expand the scale of the server according to the needs.

Easy system operation and maintenance management

The load balancing equipment should be easy to operate, at the same time, it should provide perfect supervision ability for each application service.

In order to meet the above system requirements, TongADC is used to design and implement system load balancing. 


As shown in the figure above, TongADC adopts the form of dual hot standby to provide highly reliable server load balancing service. According to the business requirements, the direct connection deployment mode is adopted in the public network area, and the bypass deployment mode is adopted in the internal network area.

In addition, through the Web monitoring management console provided by TongADC, the running status of TongADC itself, its applications and its servers can be monitored.

In this project, TongADC provides the following functions support:

Supports complete load balancing strategy

According to the use of server resources, the load of each server can be adjusted intelligently.

Convenient to deploy and operate

Provides graphical monitoring and management console in Web form and perfect API interface. The deployment and operation are very simple with low operation and maintenance cost.

High availability support

Supports HA function to ensure its high availability. At the same time, the virtual IP can automatically drift between the main and standby machines without manual intervention. 

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