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Zhejiang XX Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., established in December 2014, is a local banking institution with independent legal personality, which was established by Zhejiang XX Rural Cooperative Bank. Zhejiang XX Rural Commercial Bank has 1 business department, 25 first level sub branches, 2 second level sub branches and 106 banking offices, with branches all over the province. There are 14 departments and offices with more than 1400 employees in the headquater. The operation scale, allocation and capital strength all rank first in the city's banking industry. The operation efficiency and credit asset quality rank first in the Agricultural Credit System of the whole province. The core regulatory indicators such as capital adequacy ratio and provision coverage rate are better than the regulatory requirements.

In terms of system architecture, users have encountered the following problems:

The front gateways of multiple hosts work at the same time, but different front gateways are manually used for the specified area

Too even load distribution, some are too stressed while some are too relaxed

The failure of one of the gateways will lead to the business paralysis of whole area

To solve these problems, users need to adjust and optimize the architecture:

Load balancing equipment is used to automatically distribute the traffic of multiple front gateways to balance the load as much as possible

The health check mechanism is used to check the related services of the front gateway to ensure the availability of the whole gateway

Due to the large number of lower level nodes, it is necessary to completely replace the original server IP on the load balancing device during the migration. When a subordinate node accesses any one of the IP addresses, it will be evenly distributed to multiple front gateways

No intermediate data is saved on the front gateway, but the Client connections are long connections, and the load balancing device is required to not interrupt the long connection when switching

Therefore, the user uses the application delivery platform of TongTechADC to transform the load balancing architecture of multiple front gateways. 




1. Configure multiple virtual services on TongADC, corresponding to the same real server group in the background.

2. TongADC conducts health check on multiple business ports on each server at the same time. If one of the ports fails, it will automatically stop the work of the whole front gateway, and automatically switch to other front gateways to take over the task, and inform the administrator in time.

3. Synchronize configuration session between two HA's TongADC to ensure that the established long-term connection will not be interrupted when the TongADC switches.

TongADC has perfect redundancy and stability in practical application. It can provide multiple virtual services and provide call back synchronization. After the system goes online, it automatically guides the user traffic to different gateways according to the predefined algorithm, which solves the problem of specifying access gateway according to different IP addresses. At the same time, through TongADC, the back-end gateway can process real-time health monitoring, and the users will be informed of the problems as soon as possible. Good results have been achieved after the implementation of the project

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