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With independent innovation as the core, Tongtech has been focused on the R & D and promotion of efficient, safe and reliable middleware products and solutions for more than 20 years, and actively laid out basic security products and services.

Our technology is mature enough to support large-scale application.

TongTech is the pioneer and leader of Middleware in China. The middleware products cover the mainstream products and solutions of application support, data integration and application platform. The technical experts of TongTech have presided over and participated in the formulation of many technical standards such as Java Enterprise Edition, middleware, SOA and smart city.
  • Application server TongWeb
  • Message middleware TONGLINK/Q
  • Transaction middleware TONGEASY
  • Application delivery platform TongADC
Application server TongWeb

Tongweb application server provides a more reliable and stable support environment for enterprise-level applications, supports Java EE6 and JavaEE7 specifications, provides the whole application life cycle from development to production and a variety of mainstream application frameworks. It is widely used in enterprise-level application operation support in telecommunications, finance, transportation, energy, E-government and other industries.

The technology of TongWeb is mature enough to support the large-scale application in China

The R & D of TongWeb started early, which brings it a good technology accumulation in the core technology research and development of distributed transaction processing and high-performance asynchronous message transmission technology, etc., and also has a high maturity in the main functional indicators and system stability. After 18 years of R & D and application, numerous evaluation and application verification results are the witness of TongWeb's excellence.

TongWeb follows the international core technical standards

In terms of standards and specifications, TongWeb is the only product in China that passes the technical standards certification of JavaEE5, JavaEE6 and JavaEE7. Tongweb also fully meets the technical requirements of domestic mainstream applications, and is widely compatible in standard support, supporting large-scale applications. In addition, tongweb can support Struts 2, Spring, Hibernate and other popular development frameworks efficiently without modifying any code of application.

The application on foreign application server can be easily transplanted to TongWeb

TongWeb has the basic capability to support foreign brand products, including but not limited to: development tool support, cluster ability, session high availability, monitoring, centralized management capabilities, etc., covering all aspects of application development, deployment, operation and maintenance, providing comprehensive support for the smooth and commercial operation. TongWeb provides a mature transplanting method description and related supporting tools, which can realize the transplantation quickly.

TongWeb has powerful management features to meet the needs of users

TongWeb has many management features, such as unified management and control, security management, application performance management and so on, which can meet the needs of user. In the cloud platform environment, TongWeb cluster node supports intelligent automatic management, which can automatically, timely and appropriately adjust dynamically according to the change of application load. The adjustment process does not affect the continuous operation of business, so as to improve the resource utilization and save operating costs.

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