The ETL Tool TongETL
Product features

Independent, safe and professional data processing tools

  • Flexible scalability

    It provides plug-in component management mechanism, which is convenient for extension development. Such as the customized development of the user-defined structure text transformation and the customized development of  exclusive application system adapter, and integrated into TongETL by plug-in. 

  • Efficient data processing

    Asynchronous parallel processing is adopted to realize the efficient processing of data.

    The cluster deployment mode is provided to allow the time-consuming data processing components in the transformation to be deployed on multiple servers for concurrent execution, so as to improve the data processing efficiency.

    Under the hardware environment of a domestic all-in-one computer, the processing efficiency of TongETL can reach 45000+pieces/s. 

  • Rich system adaptation

    Based on the standard JDBC and ODBC interfaces, it supports various mainstream database systems, such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, InfoMix and other mainstream databases. MySQL, PostgreSQL and other open-source databases, domestic databases such as Damon, Henko, Shentong, GBase8t, Kingbase, etc are also supported. 

    Provides rich data file extraction and loading components, supports HTTP, JMS, FTP, Web Services and other protocols to interact with other application systems. 

Product functions

Simple and easy to use configuration development, rich and flexible built-in components

Supports domestic environmental

Graphical integrated development tool, server, resource library and unified management platform, all support domestic Kirin operating system and domestic Loongson and Feiteng chips. 

Abnormal recovery and data consistency

Task flow provides multiple scheduling mechanisms and exception recovery mechanisms. After an exception, it supports automatic and manual recovery, and the exception recovery can ensure its resynchronization from the abnormal point, and ensure the final integrity and consistency of data. 

Strong monitoring management

Provides centralized and unified management of the running instance of TongeETL server deployed in the distributed network environment, including the view of the running status, operation log and execution performance of the server and process, as well as remote management operations such as start, stop, pause and recovery and the functions of unified authority management configuration and error alarm.

Java, HTTP and other encapsulation forms of monitoring and management interface are provided to facilitate users to integrate monitoring and management functions into their own platform. 

Unified storage of resources

The resource library provides a unified storage mechanism and various management functions for the metadata of TongETL. At the same time, the distributed deployment of TongETL is also provided by

 the resource library.

Robust ETL engine

Provides task engine and conversion engine to support the efficient operation of various complex data conversion processes and task scheduling processes, and provides a solid guarantee for the integration of large-scale, heterogeneous data. 

Graphical operation/debugging/Preview

Through a large number of built-in components and visual graphical interface, users can flexibly and conveniently customize various data integration processes, reduce manual code errors, and use debugging and preview to discover potential errors in time, improve the integration quality, manage ETL server and resource library, and comprehensively improve the integration speed.

Big data support

Provides interactive and adaptive capabilities with big data ecosystem, such as Hive, HDFS, Hbase, kafka, MPP(Postgres-XC/XL), etc. 

Data processing

Users can quickly complete a variety of complex data integration and scheduling control of integration by dragging with a large number of built in task components and conversion components.

Data extraction

Supports various data extraction modes, such as full synchronization, incremental synchronization (based on trigger, time stamp, full table comparison, database log analysis), one-way synchronization, two-way synchronization, file directory synchronization, etc. 

Product architecture

TongETL are composed of integrated development tools, TongETL server and resource library, as shown in the figure below. 。



Integrated development tools

It is a tool integrating development, debugging, configuration, deployment, execution, monitoring, logging, management and other functions to realize the rapid data integration and  the management of the whole life cycle.

The server

The running environment has the ability to execute the data integration process, and the management interface is open to the server through HTTP protocol.

Resource base

Storage configuration information, task process information, conversion process information, basic resource information (such as database connection), etc. 

Customer case

Massive data processing ability to support users key applications

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