Basic Software Product

Safe Data Exchange Platform

The public data exchange platform on national E-government external network


Fast integration

TongETL has a large number of task components and transformation components, which can quickly complete various complex data integration requirements and integrated scheduling control by dragging, and quickly complete the integration of different business data types.

Efficient data processing

TongETL uses parallel processing to achieve efficient data processing, which ensures the rapid processing of data and provides support for credit and investment business.

Multiple synchronization modes

TongETL supports various data extraction modes, such as full synchronization, incremental synchronization (trigger, timestamp, marking, etc.), bidirectional synchronization, etc.

The construction of the public data exchange platform on national E-government external network has supported the concurrent operation of national credit information sharing, online approval and supervision of national investment projects, and national legal person database. While TongETL provides a solid technical support for the rapid access and integration of various business data of the platform.

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