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"Integrated enterprise tables" project of National Bureau of Statistics


As the core of the "four projects" of the National Bureau of statistics, the construction of "Integrated enterprise tables" is to directly report the data to the online direct reporting platform, so the data can be transited directly from the starting point to the end point, and change the situation of reporting from grass-roots units, enterprises to counties, cities, provinces and countries in the past. "Integrated enterprise tables" enables statistical departments to arrange only one set of statistical statements to enterprises, and enterprises directly submit data to the data center of National Bureau of statistics through the network, and statistical departments at all levels can review, query and summarize statistical data online.

Due to historical reasons, 32 provinces in China collect data through the direct reporting system developed and constructed by two companies respectively. The data filled by enterprises are stored in the direct reporting system of each province, and then synchronized to the national enterprise direct reporting system.

Although the two "Integrated enterprise tables" systems all follow the concept of the system, in the specific implementation, the data storage format, identification field, metadata design and so on are not consistent. The two "Integrated enterprise tables" systems cannot collet business data from the other one, so the summarized information of the whole country cannot be censused directly.

Therefore, it is necessary to synchronize the data of 700000 enterprises collected by the two systems to each other's database in the way of data exchange synchronization at the State Bureau node, so as to ensure that the data of whole country can be summarized.

In this project, the user uses TongETL to realize the data exchange between the two systems. It integrates 49 reports and more than 2000 index fields, and realizes complex processing to perform data synchronization.

TongETL has the characteristics of rapid integration, efficient data processing, ensuring data consistency and integrity, providing a variety of data synchronization methods, and rich data processing and conversion capabilities. TongETL provides perfect support for the integration requirements of the project, and ensures the standardization, unification, authenticity and credibility of the data. 

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