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Emergency command and dispatch system of Hebei Provincial Transportation Department


The application system of Hebei traffic emergency command center - Beidaihe sub center consists of road network operation management system, road transportation operation management system, waterway transportation operation management system, integrated transportation safety supervision system, and emergency management system. All systems are interrelated to support daily operation and emergency management.

In order to meet the needs of supervision and duty personnel, emergency command personnel, management and service personnel, superior government departments and the public, and ensure seamless and orderly transition between daily operation application and emergency application, it is necessary to realize efficient, timely and reliable integration and exchange of business information among systems.

In the project, TongETL and TongLINK/Q are used to build the data integration bus between the systems.

TongLINK/Q provides a strong and reliable data bus channel for both sides of data supply and demand. The loose coupling connection relationship between data providers and data consumers is established. The data exchange between systems is not affected by physical location. The new application system can easily access the data bus, which greatly improves the expansion ability of the data exchange system.

Through a robust, distributed deployment and data exchange bus technology that is easy to manage and configure, TongETL can easily complete the adaptation, extraction, routing, loading and other work required in the data exchange of heterogeneous systems, and complete the data exchange task between distributed application systems quickly.

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