Enterprise service bus tongesb
Product features

Standard, open and high performance enterprise service bus

  • More trustworthy with the adaption to domestic environment

    Supports running on the domestic operating system and has been verified in the actual environment. 

  • Enterprise level service quality, safer and more reliable

    Supports authentication mechanism, message encryption/decryption transmission mechanism, message signature and verification mechanism, monitoring and diagnosis of running process, error alarm and other functions;

    Provides transaction mechanism, reliable transmission and security mechanism of cross network message, and exception compensation mechanism to ensure the consistency of transaction;

    Supports service authorization access, whitelist and channel level flow control configuration to further ensure the security of back-end business. 

  • Unified centralized management makes supervision more convenient

    Provides a unified monitoring and management center to realize the integrated management of authority, monitoring, statistics, audit, etc., and provide comprehensive and real-time monitoring of service operation and call status. 

  • Rich components and adapters with strongr practicality

    Supports many industrial protocol standards and a large number of message processing components, data conversion components and commonly used adapters, such as WEB、HTTP/REST, file, JMS, database, FTP, HDFS, HBase, Hive, Kafka, which can quickly complete the docking with various systems and data. 

  • Visual development provides faster operation

    Through the visual development configuration interface, accurate and rapid model establishment and process arrangement can be realized. 

Product functions

Easy to use service bus with good compatibility and visual management

Product function

TongESB integrates service integration, data integration and message exchange to provide users with a SOA-compliant middleware operating environment and development and management tools. Its distributed enterprise service bus and service technology can solve the problem of application integration for users, and provide users with centralized and unified management functions such as service directory, service life cycle, monitoring and auditing, permissions and other services.

Product architecture

TongESB is composed of 3 core parts: development tools, ESB server and management center. 



Development tools are used to configure mediation processes, components and adapter development tools, providing a whole set of tools from design, development, configuration to packaging and deployment.

ESB server is the running server of process, adapter and component.

The management center is used for system configuration, operation and maintenance, monitoring and audit, and provides service directory and other functional modules. 

Customer case

Supports complex integration scenarios and large-scale project applications

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