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After years of development, the unified information platform of China Mobile Inner Mongolia Branch (hereinafter referred to as Inner Mongolia Mobile) currently has the functions of official document, mail, announcement, process approval, contract, performance, data display, data search, unified agency, unified reminder, statistics, audit, bid inviting party's business analysis, ERP financial/human resources, reimbursement platform, bank enterprise interconnection, asset management and others. It is the unified sign-in entrance of a large number of supporting systems such as the group's unified information platform, online education, maintenance management platform, etc. Due to the continuous development of business, the system covers more and more content, the interface requirements among systems are getting more and more complex, and the complexity of user management is also doubled.

In order to solve the above problems and better support the realization of the company's overall strategic objectives, combined with the strategic idea of IT integration, Inner Mongolia mobile users decided to start the enterprise service bus project, promote the transformation and construction of SOA architecture, standardize and transform the decentralized and independent ERP, unified information platform, mailbox, asset management and other business systems in the way of service, and provide business interface through enterprise service bus (ESB). At the same time, enterprise service bus (ESB) is taken as the core to manage various business systems, and business integration is carried out on this basis to achieve cross system requirements.

The architecture after system transformation is as follows:



The interaction between systems is no longer arbitrarily connected to each other, but is carried out through enterprise service bus TongESB to perform unified service access, access control and service routing. The request/response between all systems is standardized, so that on the one hand, consumers who use the same data can use a common service interface, on the other hand, the system is easy to expand and upgrade without affecting the services.

The project has completed in less than 5 months, transformed and unified access of more than 20 business systems and more than 40 business processes, realized the loose coupling, standardization, reusability, manageability and security of the integration between systems and improved the service quality.

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