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Service middleware platform for Ministry of public security


The service bus middleware is an important part of the platform architecture of the Ministry of public security * * Bureau * * and a unified entrance to realize the linkage at all levels and cross regional collaborative services. As an application support interface, the service bus middleware is responsible for the unified management of data resources and service resources, and the unified management of data transmission, so as to realize the sharing and application of various resources of various service nodes, so as to optimize and improve the management and utilization efficiency of department resources.

In the overall architecture, the * * business is oriented, and the three-tier resource node structure is in line with the characteristics of * * business. Each layer of resource node decouples service providers and service requesters in the way of SOA bus, including service development, registration, maintenance, search and call. Each layer of resource node includes resource management module and transmission exchange module. According to the total-sub model, a unified resource management system covering three layers of resource nodes is constructed, and the system interaction is governed from two aspects of unified service planning and unified resource management. 



For the implementation scheme of service middleware, it is implemented to each resource node in the three layers. Each resource node itself is built in SOA mode, taking into account the business characteristics and the exchange between systems. Taking tongesb as the core, it completes the functions of service registration management, request call management, resource node management, transmission and exchange management.

The * * Bureau * * service middleware platform of the Ministry of public security is an SOA project of the whole network of the whole country. It is an application that SOA seeks to truly implement. It can effectively register, reasonably transfer and share the business application services on the three-level nodes of the Ministry, province and city, realize the unified entrance of linkage and cross regional collaborative services at all levels, support the sharing and application of various resources in each service node, so as to optimize and improve the resource management of * * departments Management and use efficiency. 

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