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There are many expressways and tunnels in Chongqing, and a large number of equipment and monitoring information systems, but the types of equipment and systems vary greatly. The traditional road monitoring management mode based on road sections and monitoring stations has high operation and maintenance costs and can not keep up with the development. In order to further strengthen the monitoring and management of Chongqing Expressway Network system, users put forward innovative solutions to integrate existing resources and all levels of road network monitoring and management system, and build a new mode of regional network monitoring and management based on SOA architecture.

The regional network monitoring and management mode is based on the advanced SOA middleware product system of TongTech. It integrates the existing information resources and application business systems with loosely coupled SOA architecture, and takes the lead in realizing the innovative concept and application mode of regional networking monitoring and collaborative management of highway network in China.

The system architecture is as follows:



The solution adopts open and loosely coupled SOA technology architecture and standards, through service bus ESB, adapter, Web Service and message queue technology, through configuration and concise development, it realizes the effective integration of existing application systems and data information resources. The good flexibility and scalability of ESB service bus, SOA architecture, loose coupling, distributed system deployment mode also meet and adapt to the application and business needs of Chongqing Expressway regional networking (multi-level).

Through the construction of regional network monitoring system and management mode, Chongqing has completed the effective integration between information resources of high-speed system and application business system, realized the networking monitoring and management of more than 2000 kilometers of expressways, and the the real-time push of monitoring data information to all levels' monitoring and management centers from more than 5000 cameras on expressways.

The construction of the system realizes the mode innovation of network monitoring, improves the efficiency and service quality of monitoring management, and greatly reduces the costs of expressway system monitoring management and equipment operation and maintenance management compared with the traditional mode. 

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