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E-government sharing and exchange cloud platform of Hainan province


E-government sharing and exchange cloud platform of Hainan province is a platform architecture upgrade based on Hainan data sharing platform (phase II) project, which is used to support increasingly complex needs for exchange and sharing.

Specific requirements: the provincial data sharing cloud platform supports the multi-level exchange mode system to realize the vertical linkage between the upper and lower levels and the horizontal business cooperation of the departments. All the front-end nodes and secondary centers need to synchronize the exchanged statistical information to the primary center, which conducts global statistics and analysis.

1) Characteristics of application requirements

There are many units need integration and the  system scale is huge

The platform involves the provincial and Municipal Commission Office user units, access to a variety of heterogeneous systems and data types, and requires the platform to be stable, reliable, safe and efficient.

The integration scenarios are changeable and the exchange modes are different

The platform needs to support the same level and cross level information resource integration; support data exchange, super large file exchange, application service integration; support 1-1, 1-N, n-1, content-based routing and other exchange modes; support timing, timely, real-time synchronization mechanism; support exchange status monitoring, business receipt and other reliable transmission guarantee.

Unified management and easy to use

Make it convenient enough for people at different levels of provincial and municipal units to use, especially for those who are not familiar with programming technology, to install, configure, deploy, use, manage and monitor.

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