Internet file transfer platform TongWTP
Product features

Internet oriented, secure, efficient and reliable file transfer platform

  • Easy to implement

    Easy to implement, does not need a lot of development work, meets the needs of rapid construction and simple operation and maintenance.

  • Scalable

    Ensure that the system can adapt to future business changes and various ways of using. 

  • Integrable

    Provides the integration ability with the existing system of the enterprise, including the existing user management system, infrastructure security facilities, etc. 

  • Manageable

    All round management of transmission objects, transmission users, services, networks, servers, etc. 

  • Efficient

    Use network bandwidth efficiently to fullfill the rapid transmission of files to the server.

  • Safety

    Strong enough security mechanism can be integrated with the existing security mechanism of users to ensure the authenticity, confidentiality, integrity, availability of information. 

Product functions

Rich functions allows efficient transmission and easy integration

Monitoring management function

B/S monitoring management tool is provided, which can provide comprehensive management and operation and maintenance for the process and results of system operation, supports system monitoring and business monitoring, provide perfect logs, query, statistics and audit.

Transmission control capability

Supports intelligent file compression, which can control the size and storage space of transferred files, concurrency control and bandwidth control are also supported.

Secure transmission mechanism

Provides authentication function based on digital certificate, username / password, and supports encryption. 

File transfer function

Provides file upload and download function between Client and server, supports transmission resuming, and can penetrate HTTP proxy service. 

Product architecture

TongWTP is composed of Client API, file transfer ActiveX control, access server, file server, transmission management center and web transmission application.

The product structure is shown as below:


Customer case

Applicated in large bank, stable operation for more than 10 years

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