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Enterprise online banking system for Industrial and Commercial Bank of China


With the rapid development of online banking of ICBC and the sharp increase in the number of users, the amount of business handled through online banking is increasing, and the amount of data interaction is also rising rapidly. For example, in the enterprise online banking, customers often transfer fund, agent and other business data between banks through file mode. However, the stability and security risks in the process of data file interaction caused by the characteristics of the Internet environment have become an urgent problem for IT departments.

Combined with the characteristics of Internet environment and online banking business, the file transmission system for Industrial and Commercial Bank of China should at least meet the following technical requirements:

Provide secure protection

Support efficient, reliable and large concurrent transmission

Perfect backstage management and monitoring function

After a comprehensive and in-depth consideration, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China chose TongWTP of TongTech to build a secure, reliable and manageable transmission system at the bottom of the online banking system. 



TongWTP is a visual transmission and management solution for business files based on the characteristics of the Internet environment. When customers / business personnel upload and download files, TongWTP provides functions such as identity authentication, data encryption, channel management, automatic queuing, reliable transmission, flow control, business classification and file management, and provides centralized configuration, management and monitoring capabilities.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China adopted TongWTP to realize the file security of business data such as fund sales reports, corporate payrolls, tax reports, and dealer sales tables in a complex network environment (Internet, office network, production network), which solves the problems of slow transmission of HTTP files, network instability, easy interruption, and unable to provide batch file upload and download.

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