General file transfer platform TongGTP
Product features

No coding required, easy to use, easy to manage, secure and efficient file transfer management.

  • Feature Three

    Supports multi-level security, provides system management security and data transmission security

  • Feature 2

    Automatic scan, active send, supports directory/nested directory, list, file, etc.

    Provides a visual interface, commands, services and other management and maintenance methods to achieve system-wide supervision

    Supports dynamic addition, deletion, modification of nodes and tasks

  • Feature One

    Supports uninterrupted operation for 7*24 hours, with a large number of users from finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, government, etc.

    No programming required, easy to use, just simple configuration to run

Product functions

Reliable transmission, easy-to-use management, comprehensive security


It has the functions of archiving after file sending, diversified management methods, transmission progress monitoring, early warning and fault alarm, centralized task management, task configuration, dynamic configuration, monitoring management, query statistics, operation audit, log management and domain management, etc. to ensure the platform Has a wealth of management capabilities.


It supports authority management, flexible encryption algorithm, transmission security and management security, and realizes the comprehensive security of the system and the security protection capability of the whole life cycle of file transmission. 


Compression encryption and flow control are provided to ensure that the time requirements during file transmission  can still be met in the scenario of multi service system parallel file transmission and narrow bandwidth. 

High availability

It has high availability functions of file transmission such as file multicast, link management and task exit, which can improve the linkage ability with business before, during and after the file transmission. 

Ease of use

It supports multiple file types, end-to-end task configuration, flexible scheduling of tasks, file filtering and filtering, batch import and export of tasks, local log query, local operation monitoring, link detection tool, operation resource image collection, and integration with FTP server, to ensure flexible file selection mode and system ease of use. "


It provides directory and file sending and receiving services, and ensures that the sent files can reach the target end reliably through breakpoint continuous transmission, file retransmission and integrity verification. 

Product architecture

Tonggtp is composed of three parts: GTP node, GTP Client and monitoring management center. The composition structure is shown in the following figure:“



GTP nodes are distributed on the machines that need file transmission on the network. Users can log in to the centralized management center through the browser, access the nodes to be managed, and define relevant tasks. The GTP nodes can execute the sending tasks manually or automatically, and the GTP receiving party (which can be one or more nodes) can send files The node is responsible for storing the received messages according to the agreed directory.

In order to ensure the security of the system, GTP provides user rights management services. Users are divided into three levels: administrator, operator and visitor, with different access rights. Moreover, nodes that can be managed by a user can be assigned to avoid wrong operation of nodes beyond the scope of authority. 

Customer case

The mainstream choice of financial industry, the factual standard of file transmission“

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