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Bank of Communications Credit Card Center file service platform


Project background

With the continuous development of credit card center business of Bank of communications, the amount of data transmission between internal application systems, business personnel, card center and branches, direct sales office is growing. At present, there are many ways of data transmission, such as mailbox, shared directory, mobile disk copy, EMS, diskette, manual escort and so on. The security and timeliness can not be guaranteed, and various resources and costs such as manpower, postal expenses, transportation expenses, printing expenses are wasted.

Therefore, the credit card center needs to build a new file transmission service platform, comprehensively sort out the file processing process, integrate the current messy transmission methods, and build a file service platform based on data transmission and data processing as the core.

As the infrastructure of IT system planning, the file service platform provides basic data services. Its main function is to centrally manage the data interaction of the monitoring card center, standardize the file transmission, and provide basic data processing services, shield the differences between the target management application and the data source, and make the target management application focus on the construction of business logic.


The business system of file transmission in Credit Card Center of Bank of communications is widely distributed, involving all levels of systems and personnel such as head office, production network, office network, external network and sub center. The transmission mode includes the transmission between personnel, between systems, and between personnel and systems, with complex transmission scenarios.

The whole system includes the following parts:

TongGTP and TongWTP are used to realize efficient and reliable transmission channel, which provides unified and easy-to-use transmission function for business personnel and system, and realizes easy-to-use front-end transmission and reliable background transmission;

Establish an internal PKI security system through TongSEC to provide security services such as identity authentication, secure channel and data encryption when the system is running; build a centralized transmission management center, as the core of the transmission system conforming to financial standards, to realize the configuration, management, monitoring and security audit of the entire transmission system;

In the file transmission server, basic data file processing services are provided, including: audit, verification, splitting, merging, transcoding, etc.; the security management of the whole platform is realized through platform based monitoring and management functions, combined with user rights management system, transmission specification system, report management and system transmission early warning measures based on transmission monitoring;

Construction achievements

The construction of the file service platform of the credit card center of Bank of communications makes it possible to integrate all kinds of transmission modes and sort out the file processing process, so as to realize the file transmission standard. The application system can better focus on the construction of business logic, improve the system processing capacity, enhance the support ability of IT system for business, which is conducive to the flexible development of Bank of Communications credit card business and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness. 

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