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Project background

The credit card center of China Minsheng Bank is directly under the head office of China Minsheng Bank, with its headquarters in Beijing. At present, in many application systems of Minsheng Bank Credit Card Center, batch data exchange is carried out between systems in the form of files. At present, the transmission mode is mainly realized by calling FTP tools by application programs, and the control methods are mainly programming and script calling.

Although FTP mode is simple and easy to use, it can meet the basic transmission function in small-scale application, in the credit card center of Minsheng Bank, such a large and many key business systems, it is easy to encounter performance bottlenecks, low security, and difficult to supervise. Therefore, the credit card center of Minsheng Bank is ready to build a professional file transmission platform to solve these problems and provide support for information interaction between a large number of business systems.


The positioning of file transmission platform is to provide standardized and consistent file transmission platform for many IT systems of Minsheng Bank Credit Card Center as the underlying technical architecture Therefore, the construction of the platform will establish a complete platform system through unified planning, standardize the transmission channel, interaction mode, data standard, processing mode and management mode between systems, so as to fundamentally solve the problems of data consistency, integrity, security and management of the current system interaction.

From the deployment scope of the system, the IT of the credit card center of Minsheng Bank is deployed in the office network, production network and DMZ area respectively, and with the relevant partners of the external Internet In terms of interaction mode, it includes batch data transmission between systems, file interaction in the process of real-time transaction, and file upload and download in manual operation mode for Internet users. Therefore, the construction of the platform needs to fully consider various application modes and related security requirements, as well as the unified management and control requirements of the whole platform.

Based on the above needs, the credit card center of Minsheng Bank finally adopted TongGTP (hereinafter referred to as GTP) and TongWTP (referred to as WTP) software to assist in building the platform.

GTP is used to assist in the file transfer between application systems, including the exchange of batch data files and the file transfer in the process of real-time transaction invocation.  Compared with FTP tools, GTP can provide better efficiency support, ensure data security during transmission, and provide visual management support.

WTP is used to realize the file interaction between Internet business oriented partners, merchants and Credit Card Center related systems. By transforming the original system's http / s and FTP transmission means into WTP transmission mode. The business system (external security, merchant system, etc.) is moved back from DMZ to the production network to improve the security of the system, realize the overall cooperation of business page operation and data transmission, and improve the usability of the system.

Through the establishment of a unified monitoring and management center, the unified management and monitoring of all system nodes related to data transmission in the whole network (including office network, production network and DMZ area) can be realized, and the access authentication and management of external users or systems (merchants, partner systems, etc.) can be realized, so as to provide platform management support.

Construction achievements

At present, the first phase construction of the platform has been completed at the end of April 2013, which meets the requirements of file transmission and management of the core production network and DMZ related systems. The ongoing second phase construction will extend the support scope of the platform to the relevant systems of the office network and the external network, and finally realize the system coverage of the whole network domain, and complete the construction concept and goal of the standardization and platformization of the file transmission in the Credit Card Center. 

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