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With independent innovation as the core, Tongtech has been focused on the R & D and promotion of efficient, safe and reliable middleware products and solutions for more than 20 years, and actively laid out basic security products and services.

Our technology is mature enough to support large-scale application.

TongTech is the pioneer and leader of Middleware in China. The middleware products cover the mainstream products and solutions of application support, data integration and application platform. The technical experts of TongTech have presided over and participated in the formulation of many technical standards such as Java Enterprise Edition, middleware, SOA and smart city.
  • The ETL tool TONGETL
  • Enterprise service bus TONGESB
  • Data exchange platform TongDXP
  • Internet file transfer platform TongWTP
  • General file transfer platform TONGGTP
  • Blockchain log system TongBCL

TongETL is a powerful, professional data integration product which is simple and easy-to-use, providing data extraction, transformation and loading functions to help users quickly realize the integration and  interaction of enterprise level data .

Tongetl provides a simple and easy-to-use development and management tool, which covers the design, development, debugging and deployment of data integration logic to the operation, management and monitoring different stages of the life cycle.

The rich data extraction and transformation capabilities and powerful processing engine of TongETL allow it to quickly and efficiently complete data integration and processing, provide strong support for the efficient use of data.

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