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Artificial intelligence technology is introduced to comprehensively upgrade information security, network security, data security and business security.

Artificial intelligence technology is introduced to comprehensively upgrade information security

Security + Covers information security, network security, data security, business security and other fields. With early study of Internet Security in the field of operators, the product line covered a wide range and are widely praised by customers, and have escorted many important activities such as Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, major domestic conferences, anti pornography and anti terrorist activities because its advanced & mature technology.
  • Intrusion Detection & Control System

    Using B/S system architecture, through the acquisition and collection of data packets/streams, using a variety of dynamic and static analysis methods, to detect, analyse and pre-alarm the known and unknown virus and other malicious code.

  • Malicious Link Detection System

    The system takes big data security analysis and artificial intelligence technology as the core, and links with threat intelligence base, which can discover and identify various illegal & malicious links, and perceive malicious links comprehensively.

  • Information Security Management System

    It has the functions of basic data management, access log management and information security management, which can meet the information security management needs of IDC / ISP business operators and telecom management departments.

  • Mobile Internet Malware Monitoring System

    It has the ability of high-speed data collection, integrates a variety of detection engines, to realizes the real-time monitoring, disposal, pre-alarm and trend analysis of mobile Internet malicious code.

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