Information Security Management System
Access log management

Access log management includes the storage and query of access log, which is realized by connecting the self built ISMS of each province with the online log retention system. The functions mainly include: access to log record function, log record query method, log record query result, log retention time. 

Information security management

Information security management mainly realizes abnormal IP monitoring, illegal website management, illegal information detection and illegal information disposal. The main functions include: active resource monitoring and management, illegal website management, illegal information monitoring and disposal.

Basic data management

The basic data management mainly realizes the basic information collection, management and reporting of IDC computer room and users. Basic data refers to IDC/ISP business unit information, computer room data and IDC/ISP user data. The main functions include: basic data classification, basic data local management, basic data reporting and verification, basic data monitoring and disposal.

IDC/ISP information security management system (ISMS) is a system with basic data management, access log management, information security management and other functions that IDC/ISP business operators must build to meet the information security management needs of operators and telecom management departments.

Each IDC/ISP operator shall build a unified ISMS and communicate with the security supervision system (SMMs) built by the telecommunication management department through the information security management interface (ISMI) to realize the relevant functions required by the Ministry of industry and information technology.

IDC information security management system includes control unit (CU) and execution unit (EU). 

1、  Cu is responsible for communicating with SMMS of Traffic Management Bureau, receiving management instructions from SMMS, and reporting data to SMMS according to requirements. Meanwhile, CU distributes management instructions to EU for execution, and receives execution results and log records from EU, so as to realize centralized management of EU at each execution point of the unit, and complete scheduling, forwarding, execution, summary, analysis and early warning.

2. EU captures the network data, identifies the network protocol used in the data packet, discovers the application service, network agent service, website domain name and user's Internet information of the monitored line host, and timely reports to the CU and responds to the instructions of the CU. The protocol blocks the illegal website / webpage and makes the website lose its service function.

The relationship between control unit and execution unit of ISMS and the relationship between ISMS and SMMS are shown in the following figure:


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