Industrial Internet Security Management System
  • Accurate notification

    For the security threat data in the province, early warning can be accurately notified according to access providers, industrial enterprises, industrial Internet platforms and other dimensions. 

  • Precise positioning

    Accurate positioning of industrial Internet asset access providers, computer rooms, regions, enterprises and other information.

  • Accurate discovery

    Aiming at the monitoring of industrial Internet vulnerabilities and safety accidents, the cross verification mechanism of multi data sources and multi engines is adopted to improve the accuracy of monitoring results. 

  • Precise detection

    The multi-dimensional protocol identification technology and session deep interaction technology are used to accurately identify the firmware model, version, manufacturer and other information of industrial control equipment.

Pre-alarm and emergency response

Based on in-depth learning, expert analysis and accurate and timely threat intelligence, the system predicts serious network safety accidents, high-risk security vulnerabilities, and major losses, and provides security alarm by means of announcement and real-time information push to remind users to take corresponding preventive measures.

Intelligent threat perception

Collect data from industrial network and key infrastructure, improve the network security perception of industrial Internet of things through big data and AI analysis technology, and intelligently mine the relevance, severity and concealment of events, so as to achieve the functions of real-time location of events and event correlation analysis.

Risk situation presenting

The system collects all kinds of threat, vulnerability information and asset data in the industrial Internet of things network, and establishes a visual model through big data mining technology to realize the visual operation of industrial Internet of things network security.


As shown in the figure, the whole application system level is divided into data acquisition layer, data processing layer, business application layer and visualization layer from bottom to top.

Data collection layer: this layer describes the data acquisition methods of integrated monitoring of information security , situation display and emergency response platform. The data sources of this system mainly include log collector, flow sensor and security intelligence system access. Through the security intelligence system, the threat information provided by cloud can be received, APT attack behavior can be identified, the situation can be displayed. Hardware support of asset management, log retrieval and audit function business modules are also provided.

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