Industrial IoT Security Platform
  • Feature 6

    It can work in the non transmitting state without affecting the existing network

  • Feature 5

    Supports security evaluation report from multi perspective and access of equipment spectrum, protocol and parameter configuration

  • Feature 4

    It can detect security risk in active and passive ways

  • Feature 3

    It can simulate the vast majority of attacks

  • Feature 2

    The system is constructed based on the security analysis of air port protocol, so as to analyze the security vulnerability from the root

  • Feature 1

    Supports mainstream industrial IOT air interface technology (Wifi/Zigbee/Bluetooth/RFID)

Wireless access security assessment system

The results of the frequency security tester are evaluated, and the frequency security index of the access object is given; the access security risks can be analyzed according to the results of the wireless interface analyzer.

Wireless protocol analyzer

Provide mobile communication system, WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, RFID and other wireless interface protocol analysis algorithm for wireless access mode of industrial Internet of things, all kinds of channel data, message and signaling flows in physical layer, data link layer and application layer of wireless interface are analyzed.

Wireless interface data collector

The radio wave signals of various wireless communication interfaces such as mobile communication system, WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and RFID are collected and processed into I/Q baseband signal output to provide data for wireless interface protocol analyzer. 

Wireless interface attack simulator

Simulation of various forms of wireless attacks to provide an auxiliary means for for wireless access security testing.

Frequency safety tester

The validity of the access frequency, frequency point, bandwidth and power are detected to evaluate its impact on the network security; the frequency simulation interference is released to evaluate the communication security of the access object under the interference.


The system is composed of five functional modules, each functional module is composed of independent hardware system. The host computer of test platform is composed of high-performance server or high-performance computing system, which is the carrier of software system of each functional module. The above six functions are combined into a comprehensive detection platform through the host computer.

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