Security +

Artificial intelligence technology is introduced to comprehensively upgrade information security, network security, data security and business security.

Artificial intelligence technology is introduced to comprehensively upgrade information security

Security + Covers information security, network security, data security, business security and other fields. With early study of Internet Security in the field of operators, the product line covered a wide range and are widely praised by customers, and have escorted many important activities such as Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, major domestic conferences, anti pornography and anti terrorist activities because its advanced & mature technology.
  • DNC Products

    By collecting and storing multi-source data, using big data mining and analysis technology, it has the ability of data sharing and linkage disposal, and realizes the screening and interception of harassment calls.

  • Voice Control System

    The system adopts two-level deployment architecture of centralized analysis + traffic control, which can provide the functions of identification, traceability, disposal and intelligent quality inspection of voice content.

  • Cloud Communication Customer Center Service Platform

    Based on cloud computing, big data and deep learning technology, it provides enterprises with a complete set of integrated customer service solutions with full channel access and full scene coverage.

  • Cloud Communication Information Control Platform

    Connecting with voice dedicated line, it can provide PaaS platform with basic communication and centralized traffic control capability, support provincial deployment and centralized deployment, save investment resources and improve voice service quality.

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