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  • Stable and efficient, supports massive concurrent

    The system architecture adopts big data environment, which is intelligently and centrally analyzed and processed by big data cloud computing, with high throughput, high concurrency and high scalability. It has the ability of heartbeat monitoring, intelligent routing, time-out fault tolerance to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system.

  • Personalized management and control

    The system not only blocks and intercepts calls according to the massive information, but also guides the enterprises to carry out accurate marketing to the users who really need it through the user portrait marketing generated according to the personal will.

  • Data privacy protection

    Privacy protection mechanism supported by password and other technologies. In the collection and application phase of all sensitive data, dynamic desensitization is used to provide different data according to the authority. 

  • Data security assurance

    AES encryption algorithm and SSL/TLS transmission encryption technology are used to encrypt the registration intention data and enterprise data in the whole process, and the financial level data security is guaranteed. 

  • Multi channel willingness collection

    Users can submit their personal wishes through the Internet (APP, WeChat official account, platform), telephone, text message and so on. The system supports multi-channel and multi protocol data acquisition and crawler collection. 

  • New management and control mode

    Innovatively puts forward the registration system of individual will, adopts international advanced control means, and provides personalized and humanized services to enterprises and users.

System management

The system has perfect account management and data authority management system, and provides monitoring of log, server, data interface, operation status and other modules to ensure the stable operation of the system.

Outbound calls control gateway

This outbound calls control gateway is constructed with data like individual wills and enterprise list. The subsystem connects with external enterprise systems such as basic telecom and call center, realizes the management and control of enterprise external call traffic through bypass mode, and intercepts illegal outbound calls in real time and warns high-risk calls.

Visual analysis report

Based on the registration data of users' wishes, clustering analysis, feature extraction, data mining and other technologies are supported to focus on multi-dimensional statistical analysis of users' listening preference, user region, registration data and so on.

Enterprise list management

Strengthen the user management of access to voice special line and number resources, build enterprise list management database, including enterprise white list, blacklist grey list database. It has the capabilities of list data docking, data import, data audit, data management and data sharing.

Registration of user intention

By collecting the data of users' wishes from various channels, the database of users' willingness to answer is built, and the data is cleaned, summarized, analyzed and stored by big data technology to provide basic data for harassment phone interception. 

After collecting, de duplication, classification and storage of multi-source data, DNC harassment telephone management system uses mature big data technology to conduct data mining and analysis, and shares the effective data obtained from analysis to external enterprises or connected external call control system, so as to achieve the purpose of interception and effective control of harassment calls. 


Overall system architecture

Data layer:

Data collection, data cleaning, data storage and data analysis are carried out for user intention registration and enterprise list through various channels, so as to realize the ability of efficient data processing and analysis.

Data acquisition: the system provides different protocol collection methods for data collection, and supports FTP collection, SFTP collection, HTTP collection and MQ collection protocols.

Data processing: Kafka, Spark, Redis, Elasticsearch, HBase and other big data processing technologies are used to ensure the storage, analysis and efficient response efficiency of a large amount of data.

Service layer:

It can provide data management, data query, statistical report and data sharing services of relevant modules. The system can provide multi-mode access to the outside world, and has the ability to query external data services, as well as data visualization and data distribution and sharing.

Application layer:

Provides service window and data service capability for different users of system access. 

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