Voice Control System
  • Safe, stable and reliable

    Multi level security mechanism and efficient telecom platform software framework design ensure the stable operation and expansion.

    1)Disaster recovery mechanism from heartbeat, intelligent routing, self-protection, timeout fault tolerance, dual servers, link redundancy and other measures to ensure the stable operation of the system;

    2) Adopts multi module, multi process mode architecture to eliminate single point of failure;

    3) Adopts pure software design and can be expanded linearly;

    4) Supports BICC protocol and SIP protocol access to meet different access requirements of voice private line. 

  • Harassment call analysis model

    Call analysis strategy from different perspective and multi layers is established, and different control measures are taken according to the actual situation of the existing network.

    1) Strong analysis ability based on the original bill, signaling and other data sources, and with the help of big data services (HDFS, Spark, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Impala, etc.), a multi-dimensional rule analysis model is constructed to aggregate and analyze the number call behavior, and output the suspected track corresponding to the number.

    2) Manageable, controllable and traceable: Directional warning for high-risk harassment and other illegal calls.

    manageable: centralized management of basic information;

    controllable: signaling level modeling and control;

    traceable: cross audit verification.

    3) Big data analysis and processing: the whole network big data cloud conducts intelligent centralized analysis and processing of all provincial data to predict abnormal traffic behavior more accurately. 

  • Advanced deployment architecture

    The two-level deployment architecture of centralized analysis + traffic control" is adopted.

    1) Strong management and control ability: the platform can realize unified access management, unified policy configuration, unified harassment analysis and unified audit and inspection for all enterprises using voice dedicated lines;

    2) Small transformation work to the existing network: the core network does not need to be upgraded and can be rapidly deployed through configuration;

    3) Fast processing speed: the linkage between the central and local governments has been realized in the secondary structure, and the "one button traceability" and "one button plugging" capabilities have been formed. "

Centralized management platform

Business control: standardize enterprise access process and qualification audit, configure white list, blacklist and do not disturb information.

Policy control: to control the call frequency, traffic, outbound call period, restricted calls, blacklist and other control policy; and real-time interception of illegal outbound calls is supported.

Intelligent quality inspection: use voice trasfter to text technology, natural semantic analysis and other intelligent voice quality inspection technologies to identify and deal with illegal content.

Product architecture

The core network is connected by "side span" mode, and the call is controlled by real-time traffic strategy. The functions of white list authentication, blacklist interception, abnormal call monitoring alarm and recording monitoring are realized.

The security management and control system of voice dedicated line adopts two-level management and control architecture, realizing the separation of "management" and "control". Centralized management platform focuses on centralized management, analysis and traceability, while call control platform focuses on traffic control and information collection.


The centralized management platform realizes unified access management, unified policy configuration, unified harassment analysis, and unified audit and inspection for the whole network, forming the centralized management and control ability of voice private line, centralized management and management of voice line business, centralized configuration of policy rules, analysis of harassment phone behavior, centralized analysis, audit, distribution and control strategy of illegal content, and visual display and analysis of operation reports.

The call management and control platform adopts real-time traffic control scheme for management and control to "side span". In this way, ISBC, AGCF and MGCF are connected to the core network. Through the real-time processing of full signaling and some media data (flexible sampling), and uploading the bill, signaling and recording files to the centralized management platform, the call traffic is controlled according to the unified strategy, and the whitelist is authenticated.

The analysis and identification ability of harassing calls is to receive xDR bills, signaling and logs from the call management and control platform, analyze and read data records, and build an analysis model of harassment calls; identify harassment calls through detection models such as machine learning, and dynamically adjust and optimize the existing voice control strategy. 



Using big data analysis technology and machine learning technology, through data collection and cleaning, feature construction, auxiliary unsupervised clustering analysis, automatic iteration and other functional modules, the harassment phone analysis model is formed, which can be self iterated and has strong applicability.

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