Voice special line control system for an operator


In recent years, news reports about harassment calls and fraud calls have emerged in an endless stream. In 2015, CCTV 315 customer rights TV show revealed that some enterprises made a large number of fraud and harassment calls by using the voice special line service of operators, In the 315 show in 2019, it is exposed again that some high-tech enterprises make harassing calls through intelligent robots using the voice special line service of operators. Harassment and fraud calls have become a hot issue of concern to the government and the whole society. At present, there are serious risks in voice private line business of operators, such as changing the number, fraud calls, harassment calls, which can easily cause huge losses to customers and the society, thus affecting the sustainable and healthy development of voice line services of operators.

In order to reduce the risk of high incidence of harassing calls, our company focuses on the characteristics of harassing calls and fraud calls, and builds a voice special line security control system for operators. At present, the system has been put on line, with the capabilities of transparent call control, white list authentication, blacklist control, outbound call strategy control, identification, traceability, disposal ability and voice content intelligent quality inspection.




Since the launch of the system, more than 100 illegal enterprises have been found and locked, more than 200 illegal voice lines have been shut down, more than 60 million illegal calls have been intercepted, and many illegal calls such as fraud, political violations, gambling, and underworld activities have been handled. On the premise of ensuring the safety of voice lines, it is necessary to promote the healthy development of business of enterprises, effectively control fraud and harassment calls, purify the communication service environment, and enhance user satisfaction.

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