Cloud Communication Customer Center Service Platform
Product features

  • More stable and reliable

    It has a perfect disaster recovery mechanism of main and standby, ensures the realization of 7*24-hour monitoring operation and maintenance with 99.999% system reliability, trying to be your best call center.

  • Mature operation experience

    Summarized the mature management experience from operation such as connection, quality inspection and knowledge base and applied it to the cloud communication customer service center platform.

  • Low cost cloud deployment

    More and more small and medium-sized enterprises begin to need customer service centers, and it is a trend to reduce costs as much as possible while meeting the usability requirements. SaaS mode has flexible, transparent and controllable costs. It supports multi tenant mode, which is convenient for customers to open and use quickly, and does not have to bear the investment cost of system platform expansion.

  • Multi channel & all media access

    Multi channel (telephone, online, wechat, etc.) all media (voice, video, IM, etc.) construction.

  • Supports multi network and multi protocol

    It adopts the design idea of separating control, switching and resource, and provides an integrated access solution for multiple networks (PSTN/GSM/CMDA/IMS/VoLTE, etc.). Open and standard protocol interface is adopted to fully supports traditional PSTN/ PLMN signaling such as TUP, ISUP, ISDN, WIN, BICC, and NGN / IMS signaling or protocols such as SIP、SIP-I、SIGTRAN, etc., and has strong and flexible networking capability.

  • Flexible expansion/distribution

    Customization on demand to maintain flexible expansion at any time and anywhere.

  • Seamless integration

    This product combines the mature soft and hard switching technology with the latest Internet concept, and seamlessly integrates with various business systems of enterprises.

Product function

With the increasingly fierce social competition, enterprises gradually realize the importance of service. Providing external service of customer service center has become one of the means to improve the service quality. However, most customers of enterprises interact with customer service personnel through different channels and different ways. Therefore, it is necessary to fully understand customer needs, integrate various resources and make use of advanced technologies such as speech recognition and voice analysis to improve the efficiency of customer service center and reduce the labor cost.

Cloud communication customer center service platform combines mature soft and hard switch technology with the latest Internet concept. Based on cloud computing, big data, NLP Chinese Semantic Computing and deep learning technology, the platform provides enterprises with all channel access and full scene coverage, meets the requirements of customers in various industries for enterprise business development, helps customer service personnel respond to service requests anytime and anywhere in different environments, and truly realizes 7×24-hour customer service. 



The cloud communication customer center service platform provides basic communication capabilities and artificial intelligence technology. Through the API or SDK of PAAS layer, it integrates artificial intelligence voice interaction, and provides standard customer service application and intelligent application in SaaS layer. The underlying capabilities mainly include CTI, IVR, recording, softswitch platform, audio and video and intelligent routing, while customer service applications mainly include seat management, work order, monitoring, recording storage, real-time push of bills, and display of statistical reports.

Product architecture

Cloud communication customer center service platform provides a full set of integrated solutions for call center. The whole system adopts hierarchical architecture and unified communication architecture, which has clear interface, good expansibility, and supports multiple network integration access and flexible expansion of multi-media access. 


The application layer packages capabilities to form the final customer service application products, providing standardized product services for government enterprise customers, such as voice customer service, intelligent navigation, intelligent quality inspection, video customer service, online customer service, video conference, AI robot outbound call, predictive outbound call and other customer service products.

The communication platform has the ability of traditional voice communication, at the meantime, it can support new customer service interaction modes such as text, picture and video. In addition to providing call platform capability, the platform's voice communication, IVR, CTI, soft switch, instant message, audio and video functions of the platform are encapsulated into PAAS services, providing enterprises, industry users, government agencies with the underlying communication and control capabilities, facilitating customers to quickly realize the construction of customer service system and related systems, and provide stable, safe and reliable communication services for customers.

Resource access layer mainly build virtual host resources, network resources, number resources and trunk resources are used in communication platform and applications. 

Customer case

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