Cloud customer service project of an operator


With the development of mobile E-commerce and O2O services, many large, medium and small enterprises need a customer service platform with centralized processing of multi-channel customer service requests such as voice, Wechat, Weibo, IM, APP, email, Webchat, etc., so as to form a professional, intimate and timely online customer service center and promote the brand image. At the same time, for the enterprises that already have call center, most of them are still using the traditional pure hardware call mode. This mode has high cost and low efficiency, many enterprises are looking for ways to change this mode.



Our company cooperates with the cloud customer service system provided by customers, and based on soft switch technology, builds a cloud customer service back-end communication interaction platform that meets the requirements of multi-channel multimedia access, unified queuing and unified routing.

According to SaaS multi tenant model, the system can pack and combine the capabilities to provide standardized product services for small and medium-sized enterprise customers, including call management, customer relationship management, agent management, report management, business management, etc. 

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