Cloud Communication Information Control Platform
  • High quality of service

    Easy to connect, easy to integrate, the callers and the called can realize free calls, and the information can be transmitted to users more quickly with high timeliness; users can listen to the notification of voice broadcast; the system also can help to avoid being intercepted, and improve security when used to receive verification code. 

  • Promote corporate image

    Unified call number will be displayed to external, enterprise customer service number, can also be displayed, which can effectively avoid being rejected, promote the corporate image.

  • Privacy protection

    Relying on the centralized processing capacity of the traffic center and relevant authentication management means, it can protect the number and platform information of both parties, protect the privacy of users and prevent abnormal transaction.

  • Easy deployment

    It supports provincial deployment and centralized deployment. It can integrate various functional services such as mobile office, voice conference, enterprise order management, employee behavior analysis, etc., and can also customize a full set of intelligent solutions.

  • Saving investment

    Enterprises not only can save the cost of building system and hardware platform, but also provide rich, high-quality and preferential line options for operators, providing services that are cheaper than traditional voice services.


The initiator of the conference dials the telephone number of participants through the system to realize the full interactive meeting. All participants can speak at the same time and talk freely. 

Voice verification code

The voice verification code is sent out by broadcast through calling the user directly.

Voice notification

Voice notification is played after calling the user's mobile phone directly. Pure voice notification, IVR notification and TTS instant voice notification are supported. 

Private calls

To create a secure call mode, the number of the two sides of the call is hidden to protect the privacy of users, so that the communication is not affected.

Single number single binding (AX): an intermidiate number X can be assigned to a mobile phone number. Anyone can dial X to transfer to A.

Single number double binding (AXB): an intermediate number X can be assigned to A and B to form a pair of relations. A and B can contact each other through X, without a third party calling in.

Two way call back

The caller initiates the call request of two-way outbound call by clicking the call button in APP or Web page. The caller answers the call first, then calls the called to establishe the call between the two parties.

The cloud communication information control platform encapsulates the core basic resources and communication capabilities of operators, such as voice, SMS, numbers, etc., into API interfaces or SDK packages on demand. Enterprises can seamlessly integrate their communication requirements by simply invoking API interfaces, so as to lower the difficulty of using communication services for enterprises and developers.



The cloud communication control platform mainly includes four subsystems: traffic subsystem, interface and authentication subsystem, operation platform management subsystem and enterprise management subsystem.

The traffic subsystem mainly realizes the control of traffic scenarios, including two-way call back, voice notification, voice verification code, SMS verification code, teleconference and other voice services.

The interface and authentication subsystem provides API interface for enterprises or users, so that enterprise platform or group customers can call the interface to realize the traffic access capability.

The operation platform management subsystem mainly provides the functions of authority, resource, task, customer management, tariff setting and statistical analysis.

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