China Mobile Jiangxi Jiake CTI capability platform project


In order to improve the user satisfaction of customer service, China Mobile Jiangxi branch, according to the company's unified planning, provides "Home broadband users unified service code 1008655", realizes unified customer service management, service quality management, and provides convenient communication service ability for the maintenance personnel of home broadband customers, so as to facilitate quality verification and responsibility traceability. The CTI capability platform of Jiangxi home broadband users mainly realizes the unified display of customer service number, provides the private communication ability for both maintenance personnel and users, and has the function of recording and reading the call, so as to realize the docking with the internal dispatch system of China Mobile.



Since the platform was launched in 2017, the total number of outgoing bills has exceeded 10 million, the average daily two-way calls have exceeded 15000, the daily average incoming calls have exceeded 3000, and the maximum concurrent volume has been 460. Through the platform, the installation and maintenance time has been shortened, the work efficiency and service quality have been improved, and the user complaints have been reduced.

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