Cloud communication information control platform of an operator


With the demand for Internet voice products is diversified, personalized and increasing rapidly, the service providers providing value-added voice products are rapidly emerging. Enterprises, while proposing value-added voice demands, also attach great importance to the control of orders and business processes, so as to further improve the quality of internal customer service and ensure the safety of customers' personal sensitive data.

An operator also continuously receives relevant demands for voice communication from internal departments and some provincial O2O enterprises, hoping to provide Internet-based SDK or API services such as call back, direct dial, voice notification, etc. in order to respond to the needs of market customers and solve the current situation of high cost of user self-development, long development cycle, unstable batch communication quality and insecurity of information. Our company has provided the integrated information communication solution of cloud + end and contracted to build the cloud communication information control platform. The system mainly establishes PAAS platform in the cloud which provides basic communication capability by API interface, to realize the background control of traffic. The front-end provides API and SDK packages embedded into the front-end web pages and APPs of enterprises, which can help enterprises save the hardware resources and voice platform investment required for voice service construction, and provide voice services that can be opened and shut down at any time in the rental mode. 



At present, the system has completed two-way call back, voice notification, voice verification code, telephone conference, SMS notification, SMS verification code and other functions. It has successively undertaken a number of services such as the internal of operator and external markets , with a total call volume of more than 200 million minutes and an average monthly traffic volume of more than 10 million minutes.

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