Network Information Monitoring & Control System
  • Advanced and accurate identification technology

    The system has a large number of key words, a variety of fine classification (such as contents of sensitive speech, porn, violence, gambling, drugs, etc.) to achieve comprehensive, accurate and efficient website monitoring; it has the technology patent to adopt image DNA algorithm to greatly reduce the number of images that need recognition, improve the efficiency and precision; it has the ability of self-learning sensitive video recognition algorithm, combined with static frame feature and video dynamic feature extraction to identify and judge the video's memory. 

  • Full business analysis capability

    Leading identification technology: Supports the identification of common Internet protocols and applications. At present, it identifies 40 major categories of mainstream Internet applications, with a total of 2000 business applications.

    Flexible application customization: Supports user-defined new application, supports offset and feature word matching of full message.

    Automatic upgrade of knowledge base: The knowledge base can support manual and automatic upgrade modes. Automatic upgrade has simple management, does not need user intervention nor interruption of business .

  • Comprehensive collection capability

    The system supports data acquisition of various link types, such as 2G, 3G, 4G signaling interface data acquisition, Gn and Gi interface acquisition of mobile Internet, IDC exit and metropolitan area network convergence point.

    The system can meet the requirements of content collection for specific domain name or IP address segment, support the content download of URL link in the Internet log, and can set whether to crawl the external chain to meet the needs of operators. 

Rich management functions

It realizes the functions of monitoring strategy, monitoring keywords, system management, task management, system interface, etc.

Data analysis

Analyze the text, pictures, videos and other sensitive information, and carry out comprehensive evaluation of website, website update trajectory analysis, website recording inspection. 

Data processing

Content de-duplication: URL de-duplication, image fingerprint recognition de-duplication.

System interception: Special interception device based on five tuple configuration. 

Data collection

Support bypass, crawler, interface and other data acquisition methods to separate text and image information from irrelevant data. 

The software architecture of the whole system is implemented according to the standard three-tier architecture as shown in the following figure:



Data acquisition layer: the way of data acquisition is data from acquisition system. After the data acquisition module completes the data collection, the corresponding URL will be de duplicated, and then stored in the database.

Data analysis layer: suspected data should go through the preliminary examination and review of auditors, so as to determine the real illegal or sensitive information.

Data processing layer: data processing software module, responsible for the distribution of the corresponding monitoring parameters, monitoring keywords, and corresponding interfaces with other systems, so as to timely deal with illegal or sensitive information.

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